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Validus On-Farm Security Review

Ensuring the security of our nation’s food supply starts on the farm.

Through the Validus On-Farm Security Certification program, farmers must demonstrate compliance with a stringent set of on-farm security procedures. Certification is awarded to farmers who meet these standards.

Validus On-Farm Security Review Certification is based on the following criteria:

  • Animal Traceability and Record Keeping
  • Facility Management
  • Feed Quality and Management
  • Animal Management
  • Disease Prevention

If you would like to receive a copy of the On-Farm Security Review standards please email us at:

Validus Expert & Advisory Committees
The Validus On-Farm Security Certification programs were developed by independent industry experts. Click here to meet the members of the Validus Expert and Advisory Committees.

Validus Certified Farms and Products
Learn more about the farmers and products awarded the Validus On-Farm Security Review Certification by clicking here.Certified Responsible Producer Certification


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